Amber coast on the maps of Prussia.Caspar Hennenberger

2 March 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The map of Prussia made by Caspar Hennenberg will be desplayed at the Amber Museum from 2 March.

In the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum, there will be the map of Prussia made by Caspar Hennenberg (1529–1600), the version of 1612, from the famous atlas of Abraham Ortelius (1527–1598) "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" ("Theatre of the World").

Thanks to the works of the Prussian cartograph, the mysterious "amber island", which ancient authors disputed about, gained the concrete outlines. Hennenberg put the following inscriptions on the area of the Sambia Peninsula: "When the west wind is blowing, a lot of amber is gathered here", "When the north wind is blowing, amber is gathered here". He also depicted the figures of amber fishers with scoop nets. This specific element of the map was embraced by famous European cartographs and publishing houses, pointing in that way "the Amber Coast" on the maps of Prussia created by them.

Our visitors will be able to see a rare gravure of 1561 with the map of "wind" made by Claudius Ptolemy, etched portrait of Albrecht von Brandenburg-Ansbach, the Duke of Prussia, have a look at copies of the Hennenberg's manuscripts from the library of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdansk, where besides the historical and geographical notes, there are also poems about amber and "Prussian" recipe of an amber pill.