Student Friday "Does everybody like clowns?..."

29 October 2013
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Student Friday "Does everybody like clowns?..." about Halloween took place in the Amber Museum. All guests found out, why some people have cold feet, the moment they see jesters; how to heal coulrophobia; in what secret place clowns' "faces" are kept, why charecter of the movie "It" holds in awe citizens of Brinish Northampton; how many victims the real clown-killer has and where main movie "vampire" Rovert Pattinson hides when bufoons are approaching.

Accompanied by clowns our guests visited the viewing area of the Dohna Tower during this evening, went through the secret passage and participated in the sudent lottery. Themed prizes were given by designer jewellery shop "iDoll" and entertainment agency "Goodwin".

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