В Музее состоится лекция «История ювелирных украшений. Перстень».

7 November 2013
Пресс-служба Музея янтаря

A lecture "History of Jewellery. Ring" within the series of lectures "Jewellery Encyclopidia" is held on 9 November at 11.00 in the Kaliningrad Amber Museum. It will be conducted by deputy director for research, art expert, candidate of pedagogical sciences Irina Toropova.

According to the legend, ring was made by Zeus the Thunderer, who ordered to the Greek hero Prometheus to wear a link of the chain, which had fastened him to the rock. Many peoples of the world decorated their hands and sometimes even feet with rings.

Ivory rings came into existence in the paleolithic epoch, metal ones- in the Bronze Age. In Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Ron so called signet rings with cut inscriptions or images were widespread.Impress of such item was signature of its owner.

The most part of rings had dual purpose. It was not just a decoration, but also a talisman. In course of time they became attribute of gentrice, wealth and good taste. Legends and myths, life stories and art images were used as base of composition. Nowadays this is one of the most popular adornments, rings are featured in collections of leading jewellery companies of the world.


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