Exhibition of works by Konstantin Iumin

Event duration:
from 12 November 2021 to 19 December 2021

On 12 November, the personal exhibition of works by Kaliningrad jeweller, member of the Russian Artists' Union Konstantin Iumin is opening. The display presents adornments from silver and precious stones, also with amber.

The author gets inspired by natural forms, images that he aspires to reflect in his jewellery. Due to its plasticity and forgeability, the noble silver allows creating various textures and remains one of the most favourable and available metals for a modern artist.

He uses precious and ornamental stones as a zest of his jewellery. After his moving from Yekaterinburg to Kaliningrad in 2018, the artist began to work with amber. In his works, there are both completely worked, and partly polished sunstone with its natural oxidized crust and form. 

The artist was born in Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg), where in 1998, he graduated from Sverdlovsk Art College No 42 as jeweller. He worked at jewellery companies of Ural, since 2006 he has been participating in A.K.Denisov-Uralskii Contests of Jewellery, Lapidary and Stone-cutting Art "Metal, stone, idea", in industry-specific exhibitions in Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Moscow, Tiumen. Has been awarded various diplomas.

Works by Konstantin Iumin are in the collections of the Museum of Stone-Cutting and Jewellery Art History in Yekaterinburg, Irbit State Museum of Fine Arts, private collections in Russia, China. Estonia, Germany, and the USA.

The exhibition "The Play of Imagination"will work in the Amber Museum until  December.

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