Decade for elderly persons

Event duration:
from 11 to 20 October 2021

From 11 to 20 October, there will be a decade for elderly persons in the Amber Museum. Reduced-price tickets will be available for retirees for ten days, as well as free-of-charge guided tours and quests will be held.

11 October – quest "Field Trip" all day long.

12 October at 14.30 – workshop inn Nordic walking in cooperation with a club "Amber Walkers"(Kaliningrad regional branch of the Russian National Club "Let's Go Walking").
The workshop will be conducted by a certified instructor in Nordic walking, member of the International Federation ONWF Liudmila Kozeltseva. It is necessary to come to the workshop in comfortable shoes and with own Nordic walking poles. Venue: rampart behind the museum.

13 October at 14.30 – free guided tour to the viewing platform of the Dohna Tower.

14 October at 14.30 – free guided tour at the exhibition of jewellery from wood within by international project "GOODWOOD".

15 October at 14.30 – free guided tour on the rampart around the Dohna Tower.

16 and 17 October – independent visit to the museum by the reduced-price tickets.

18 October at 14.30 – free authorial guided tour by Gennadii Semionov at the stand exhibition "Life Anew".

19 October at 14.30 – free authorial guided tour by Gennadii Semionov "Code of the City. History in Symbols".

20 October – field event "Magic Book" in the Kaliningrad House of Veterans.

All guided tours and events are held free of charge.

Reduced-price tickets to the museum's exhibition – 20 rubles (after showing retirement ID).

Inquiries: 53-82-19.

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