Microworld of Amber. Palaeosystematics. Part one.

A.Manukian, published 2019, 54 pages

A.Manukian. Microworld of Amber. Palaeosystematics. Part one. / a.Manukian ; Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. – Kaliningrad, 2019. – 54 p. : il.

The highest taxa of the invertebrates hierarchy in Baltic amber have been researched. Distinctive characteristics of animal groups are given in graphic, simplified way, that allows amateurs to make their own researchers. A review of systematics and biology of the highest taxa is given. Author – Andranik Manukian, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Senior research Associate in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. Works on systematics of hymenopterans, as  well as on issues of biological and taxonomic variety of insect inclusions in Baltic amber.

The book is of interest fro amber collectors, and the wide circle of readers who is interested in the history of the planet.