"Amber in the Artistry of Hermann Brachert"

published 2015, 177 pages

The book is dedicated to the outstanding German sculptor and amber artist Hermann Brachert (1890–1972). From the end of the 1920s until 1944 he was an art consultant of the State Amber Manufacture in Konigsberg, where he designed amber works, created models, carved works and other sculptural works made of amber and other materials. The book includes articles of museum specialists, memories of the relatives and friends. For the first time, there are all amber artworks of the artist in one book.

Amber in the artistry of Hermann Brachert / Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum / edited by V.Rezchikova. – Kaliningrad, 2015. – 176 p.: il.

ISBN 978-5-903920-34-1

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