"Igor Cherednikov's Light-Time"

64 pages

The catalog of the exhibition of paintings by Igor Cherednikov organized in the Amber Museum in 2009, presents works created in the period from 1984 to 2010. Articles written by Valentine Cherednikov, Candidate of Philosophic Sciences and Tatyana Suvorova, art expert and director of the Amber Museum, reveal peculiarities of the creative manner of the painter and include valuable information about professional and personal life journey of the artist.

The book includes photographs from the personal archive of Igor Cherednikov, which relate his artistry to the art culture of Russia and the world.

"Igor Cherednikov's Light-Time". – Kaliningrad : Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum, 2010. – 64 p.: il. – ISBN 978-5-903920-18-1.

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