The fortress above the lake. Sketches of the hisory of Konigsberg architecture: the Dohna tower and its surroundings"

Avenir Ovsyanov, 88 pages

The book of A. Ovsyanov – famous expert of history Konigsberg-Kaliningrad and specialist in European fortifications – presents history of the district surrounding the Amber Museum. Among "witnesses" of this history, there are fortification, educational, museum, industrial objects of the former Rossgarten: the Dohna and Wrangel Towers, Rossgarten Gates, Grolman Bastion, Kronprinz-Caserne, Upper Lake and Lower Pond, Mendtahl liqueur fabric, the Concert Hall, Konigsberg Library, Konigsberg fortress museum.

The history of constructions and city spaces is interlaced with biographies of people, whose names still live in their titles: A.Nevsky, A.Vasilevsky, Albert of Brandenburg, F.C.Dohna, F.E.G. von Wrangel, A.Sergeev, I.Chernyachovsky, G.I.D.Scharnhorst, A.W.N. Gneisenau, M.Kutuzov.

The book includes many rare illustrations that accompany to the exiting far and near past of the city territory around the Dohna Tower.

Ovsyanov A.. The fortress above the lake. Sketches of the history of Konigsberg architecture: the Dohna tower and its surroundings". – Kaliningrad: Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum, 2012. – 88 p.: il. – ISBN 978-5-903920-16-7.