"Kaliningrad Amber Museum"

126 pages

The book “Kaliningrad Amber Museum” is dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of the museum. It introduces history of the museum's development during 30 years and its achievements, origin and features of amber, excavation and usage of it during several millennia based on items of the museum collection. Here you can find history of the fortification, in which the museum is located and information about formation and study of the only in Russia one-mineral collection. Chaste and laconic design of the publishing, informative and expert articles and wonderful illustrations make this book interesting for different groups of population.

The book is published in Russian and English.

Kaliningrad Amber Museum. – Kaliningrad: Kaliningrad Amber Museum, 2008. – 126 p.: il. – ISBN 978-5-903920-07-5.

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Русский Русский