"Amber 5D" Itinerary through the museum for children

Event duration:
from 24 October 2021 to 8 November 2021

In the days of autumn holidays, there will be the Third Museum Festival "Islands" in the Amber Museum. This year, theme of the festival is happiness. The Amber Museum in cooperation with the curator – scientist Mikhail Kletskii – has elaborated an itinerary "Amber 5D". It is meant for children of 9 to 12 years old.

What amber smells like? What noise the ancient "amber" forest makes? What noises giant pines bleeding with amber resin make? Who ate amber? What amber looks like under the microscope?

From 2 October to 8 November we are inviting children with their parents to activate their hearing, vision and smell full capacity and discover through centuries the most amazing secrets of the ancient stone. The most attentive researchers will be able even to touch some unique show-pieces!

12 museums take part in the festival, among this-year innovations – to children programmes (5-8, 9-12 years old) ones for teenagers have been added. Programmes "13+" will be a true challenge for modern teenagers.

The Amer Museum's itinerary will be held in Art&Science genre. It will be dedicated to how amber is connected to all five senses – touch, smell, hearing, sight, and taste. Organisers of the festival have invited creative, famous, inspired people: literary artists, filmmakers, scientists, photographers, museum workers from the whole country, who worked on museum programmes together with Kaliningrad colleagues.

We are inviting children to the itinerary in our museum!


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