Exhibition project "You are Cosmic"

Event duration:
from 12 April 2021 to 30 May 2021

Exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the human space flight.

Guests will see showpieces inspired by exploration of the Universe, they will be able to feel fragrances of the space chosen based on the descriptions of cosmonauts in a perfume workshop and take a picture in an "alien" photo zone.

At the exhibition, beside decorative and applied art items, there will be photographs of real space objects made by the Kaliningrad astrophotographer Valerii Sytkin in 2020–2021. On the photographs, each of which has taken from several weeks to several months of work,nebulae of the outer space are captured, fantastic, beautiful, and mysterious, in whose centre some stars die, the others are born.

Beauty of amber that reflect the beauty of the space will always unite amber artists and the cosmic theme, especially in Kaliningrad, where the first man entered the open space – Aleksei Leonov – was born and grew up.
General ticket to the exhibition – 100 rubles, for students – 70 rubles, for schoolchildren and retirees – 50 rubles.

The display will be open until 23 May.

The pre-show of the exhibition "You are Cosmic" for media and invited guests takes place on 12 April at 17.00.

Project partners:
Information Centre of the Nuclear Industry
Astronomic Society of the Kant BFU
Kaliningrad Astronomic club "Koenig Astro"
Perfume workshop "Sea and the Space"

Exhibition project "You are Cosmic"

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