"20 Years Later..."

Event duration:
from 19 November 2021 to 19 December 2021

On 19 November, an exhibition is opening in the Amber Museum, that is dedicated to the work of artists from the first in Kaliningrad oblast informal association of amber artists "The Romantic Project", established in the second half of the 1990s. Its founder and inspirer was a wonderful carver and sculptor Igor Brasyunas (1955–2004), and members were such well-known masters as Natalia Almazova, Alexandr Yuritsyn, Evgenii CHekmaryov, Andrei Veretelnik, and Nikolai Kotov.

Rather different from each other artists were united by the aspiration to establish carving as the leading direction in artistic amber treatment and to overcome "the resistance of the material". Members of the Project tried to find their own approach to the stone working and to learn to make true amber sculptures.

The first exhibition of "The Romantic Project", held in the Kaliningrad Amber Museum in 1998, showed the striving of the association's members to go beyond the common images and canons – the exasperating "fishes", "elephants" and "mushrooms". The artists created their own vivid world, in which the most unexpected themes, plots, styles, and cultural traditions were combined.

A significant common business of "The Romantic Project" was participation in the creation of "The Amber Berth" in the Museum of the World Ocean that lasted for many years. Here, every member of the project found use of their skills as they had to create various items united by the common marine theme. Moreover every member showed the skill to work with very different materials: wood, ivory, metal, nacre and create a wide variety of objects – from measuring instruments to fine weightless butterflies.

At the exhibition, there will be around 100 works of decorative and applied art from amber: small statuary, caskets with incrustations, sculptural compositions, fragrance flasks, the cutlery and measuring instruments, smoking items, and jewellery created in the period from 1997 to 2021 from collections of the Amber Museum, the Museum of the World Ocean, private collections, and those that are property of authors.

the exhibition "20 Years Later..." will work until 19 December.

"20 Years Later..."

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