Life in Amber

For those, who wants to see how amber inclusions come to life.

Don't forget your headphones!

  • download the application Life in Amber from App Store or Google Play;
  • come to the Amber Museum;
  • point your smartphone camera at the QR codes located next to inclusions and the diorama "Amber Forest" with the Gastornis image 
  • You are going to listen to an exiting narration about such things as what amber is, where it came from, when it happened, and who lived on the Earth at that time, you also are going to see it right in your phone.




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The application was elaborated by P.I.Alekseev, candidate of biological sciences, senior research associate of the V.L.Komarov Institute of Botany RAS. Author of the application is a Russia's leading specialist in plants from Baltic amber, author of articles on amber in journals "Botanic Journal" («Ботанический журнал»), "Problems of the Modern Biology" («Проблемы современной биологии»), "Palaeontologia Electronica", "Arctoa", included in Web of Science and Scopus citation databases.

The application was created specially for our museum with support of Andrei Trusov.