For those who loves quests and is ready to go on a journey through time.

Don't forget your headphones!

  • download IZI.travel application;
  • choose from the list of tours the quest "Teleportation" (QR code see below);
  • come to the Amber Museum, find QR-code stickers with IZI.travel on it at the display, scan it using the application;
  • listen to the audio and make the task.

For those, who loves quests through the city and goes by bike=.

  • scan the QR codes below and launch the application or download IZI.travel application;
  • if you chose the second option, you should choose from the list of tours the cycle quest "Intermuseum Race 2", "Intermuseum Race 3", or "Amber Pedals";
  • read the description and find out the starting point — solve the tasks and travel around the city. Using GPS, the application will define, if you coped with the task, and give you questions.


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quest "Teleportation"

cycle quest
"Intermuseum Race 2"

cycle quest
"Intermuseum Race 3"

cycle quest "Amber Pedals"