"The Neman Amber Route in the Epoch of Vikings"

Vladimir Kulakov, 224 pages

The book is the first in history of world science research of the western part of the Neman Amber Route, which connected South-Eastern Scandinavia, Amber Coast of Prussian land and western part of the Kiev Russ in the epoch of Vikings. The book presents everything that our archeology knows about antiquities of the epoch of the early Middle Ages in the South-Eastern Baltic. The book is interesting both for historians and archeologists, and those readers, who are interested in exploration of new touristic routs along the Baltic rivers.

Kulakov V. The Neman Amber Route in the Epoch of Vikings. – Kaliningrad: Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum, 2012. – 224 p.: il. – ISBN 978-5-903920-17-4