Johann Poliander (1487–1541): hymn to amber

Irina Polyakova, 144 pages

The book presents the historical and cultural analysis of the text about amber of the early 16th century. Its author is Johann Poliander, one of the first Prussian reformers, Lutheran pastor and humanist poet. Presented in the monograph cultural interpretation of the amber theme enabled to show humanistic aspects of its research and introduce little-known texts and hand-writing materials for scientific use. The application includes letters of Poliander and some of his poems translated in Russian. The book is addresses to everyone, who is interested in issues of cultural studies, history of science and culture, methodology of biographic reconstruction.

Polyakova I. Johann Poliander (1487–1541): hymn to amber. – Kaliningrad: Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum, 2012. – 127 p.: il. – ISBN 978-5-903920-15-0