"Japanese Amber"

54 pages

In 2006 an exhibition "Japanese Amber" took place in the Kaliningrad Amber Museum. It was made in collaboration with the company “Beoluna Tokio”. Thanks to this exhibition citizens of Kaliningrad continued their acquaintance with Japanese jewellery, what they had already started to do at the First International Contest "Alatyr 2005". Catalog articles about features of Japanese amber and innovations in making works, also artists’ bios and illustrations will extend knowledge of Kaliningrad people about amber findings and amber-like resins. They would also help to realize traditions of processing and ways of usage of the sun stone in Japan. The book is published in Russian and English.

Japanese Amber. Catalog of the exhibition \ compiled by T.Makeeva. – Kaliningrad: Kaliningrad Amber Museum, 2006. – 54 p.: il. – ISBN 5-9900474-4-4.

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