Legend of Jurate and Kastytis

In the Lithuanian legend of Jurate and Kastytis it is the Sea Goddess who sheds tears of amber mourning over her beloved.

Unfortunately, Jurate fell in love with a mere mortal. A young fisherman Kastytis won the heart of the Goddess with his songs. Listening with delight to the songs, Jurate quite forgot that immortal gods were not allowed to enjoy fleeting
human happiness.

She allured Kastytis to the seabed into her amber castle, and the loving couple lost track of time. But the Lord of Gods Perkunas found out that the Sea Goddess condescended to a mere mortal and he severely punished both of them – he
struck Kastytis with a thunderbolt, destroyed the amber castle, and chained Jurate with gold chains to the ruins of the underwater palace. That was the high price that she had to pay for her short happiness.

Years and centuries pass, but the immortal Goddess is still suffering. Perhaps, she regrets her light-mindedness – who knows? Day by day, looking at the lifeless body of her beloved, enmeshed in heavy golden chains, she is shedding bitter tears. The cold sea depths are beginning to sway from her inconsolable sobbing. A storm is rising. The storming sea is rolling its waves towards the shore throwing onto the sand splinters of the amber castle and small hardened drops – Jurate’s tears.