Prices of tickets and services


Price of the ticket for the permanent exposition:

Price of the ticket for the exhibition "Amber by Alexander Krylov":

Price of the ticket for the exhibition "Yaroslavl Treasures"

Price of the entire ticket that allows to visit permanent exposition and exhibition halls:

Every last Wednesday of the month is the day of reduced-price admission for persons, who reached the retirement (the document should be shown). In this case admission fee is 20 RUB.

Last Sunday – day of free admission for students and persons under the age of 18.*

* Full-time and part-time students, as well as ISIC holders.


Audio-guides are available for rent at the museum's ticket office. Texts are in four languages – Russian, English, German, Polish.
Service price – 150 RUB.

Free admission

Free tickets can be provided in case the confirming documents are shown.

Free admission is provided to following categories:

For more information and inquiries you can call +7 (4012) 466-888.


Excursions are made as individually, so for groups up to 25 persons.

Russian language group excursions for up to 10 persons                 800 RUB

Russian language group excursions between 10 and 25 persons         400 RUB

Foreign language group excursions for up to 10 persons                 1200 RUB

Foreign language group excursions between 10 and 25 persons         600 RUB

(Prices are given without admission fee)

Reduced-price excursion sessions

Every Saturday and Sunday at 12.00 and 16.00 reduced-price excursion sessions are held (groups up to 25 persons).

The price including admission fee:


Who is allowed to conduct excursions

Since 15 April 2006 only guides-interpreters of Kaliningrad, who are certified based on training seminar, are allowed to conduct excursions through the exposition of the Amber Museum in foreign languages.


Excursions in Russian can be conducted ONLY by the museum's employees.


You should book an excursion in advance  not later than three days prior to your visit.